About The Fort Wayne Ballroom Company

The Fort Wayne Ballroom Company is a local company, but is decorated as the Top Studio in the Global Dancesport Circuit.  They have created a unique educational process, where dance goals can be achieved through practice and instruction.  And through this process, the Dancing with the Heroes veterans have been working hard to learn their showcase pieces for the event.

The studio's DVIDA certified professionals are known for providing the highest quality ballroom dance education available in a healthy, fun, and inclusive environment. This is how the dances for Dancing with the Heroes are created with a touch of personal story, personality, and cool moves.

Many of the instructors have military family members and dearly believe in supporting Honor Flight's mission.  They have strived to showcase our honored veterans in a way that honors their life, service, and shines a light on their strengths as dancers.  They hope you are moved and inspired to give back.