About The Fort Wayne Ballroom Company

The Fort Wayne Ballroom Company is a local company, but is decorated as the Top Studio in the Global Dancesport Circuit.  They have created a unique educational process, where dance goals can be achieved through practice and instruction.  And through this process, the Dancing with the Heroes veterans have been working hard to learn their showcase pieces for the event.

The studio's DVIDA certified professionals are known for providing the highest quality ballroom dance education available in a healthy, fun, and inclusive environment. This is how the dances for Dancing with the Heroes are created with a touch of personal story, personality, and cool moves.

Many of the instructors have military family members and dearly believe in supporting Honor Flight's mission.  They have strived to showcase our honored veterans in a way that honors their life, service, and shines a light on their strengths as dancers.  They hope you are moved and inspired to give back.


About Honor Flight
Honor Flight Northeast Indiana

The Honor Flight Network is a nonprofit organization created solely to honor America’s veterans for all their sacrifices by flying them to Washington, DC to reflect at their memorials. Top priority is given to WWII survivors along with other veterans who are terminally ill. All flights are free of charge for the veterans being honored.

The World War II Memorial in Washington DC was completed and dedicated in May 2004. It is a long overdue “Thank You” to the men and women who sacrificed so much for our freedom, and a memorial to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. It was so long overdue that many WWII survivors have been unable to visit their memorial due to the barriers of advanced age, such as health matters, stamina, finances, or other travel impediments. Honor Flight provides a way for many of these veterans to visit and reflect at their memorial.

WWII veterans pay nothing for this trip. They have given enough. Honor Flights are funded by community donations from generous individuals, corporations, foundations, and other groups who wish to be an important part of honoring these heroes. The cost is also defrayed in part by Honor Flight volunteer “guardians,” who make a substantial donation in order to honor veterans in a very personal way, escorting them and being there to help as needed throughout the day.

The immediate focus of the Honor Flight Network will remain on WWII veterans and those veterans from any war that have a terminal illness; however, the vision goes beyond WWII. In the future, Honor Flight plans to pay tribute to America's other heroes that served during the Korean and Vietnam wars, followed by veterans of more current wars. They too have given much and it is time to show them that their efforts will not be forgotten.