Gladys Dormire

Gladys Dormire

I am a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, and I truly enjoy my family. Five members of my family have served in the military, along with many very good friends. I enjoy volunteering at my church where I have served in various capacities. I also invest time in my community and several hobbies including dancing.

I was a nurse in the Indiana Air National Guard for nine years. I served primarily at the guard base at Bare Field, Fort Wayne, Indiana. I did several Temporary Active Duty tours at various bases in Arizona, Texas, California, and W D C. I served during peace time. I was the Mobility Officer, the Immunization Officer, and the Weight Management Officer for the 122nd Tactical Hospital. It was my responsibility to insure that the entire unit was properly immunized, met the proper weight requirement, and ready for deployment at any time. We had approximately 1,200 + personnel at the time.

How did the military shape me? That is a good question. I would say, it cemented in me a realization that freedom is not free; it comes with a price. Service men and women have contributed much to insure that the citizens of these United States may continue to enjoy a life free of tyranny and oppression. Some have sacrificed all. Their families, also, have sacrificed much. I am eternally grateful for the small contribution I was able to able to give to my country. My time in the INANG has been influential in shaping my priorities. It has deepened my love for God, my country, and my fellow man.

I am happy to participate in this fund raiser for Honor Flight. It allows me to say thank you to all those brave men and women who served before me on active duty tours in foreign countries; some in horrible conditions. My husband served in Korea. He is now passed on. He was not able to participate in Honor Flight, so I am happy to dance for those who still can. Thank you Honor Flight for what you are doing; what a great way to say “thank You”. May God bless your endeavors.

Tony, my pro partner has been great to work with. He is inspiring and exudes enthusiasm. I work best with a patient, kind, instructor who is easy to follow. Thank you, Tony, you have made this enjoyable.

I would like to dedicate my dance to the service men and women who did not return home, and to their families. Theirs is the greatest sacrifice.